If you are not working on building your email list then you are missing one of the biggest growth opportunities. According to recent research by  Marketing Sherpa, 72% of consumers prefer to receive emails with promotional messages, and also did you know that “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI”.

There are many examples where people have been successful in building a million dollars business simply with the help of email marketing. That is why it is always good to put a lot more effort into boosting your WordPress email subscription rate.

Want to skyrocket your WordPress email list growth? Here are the 9 most effective tips to increase email subscribers for your business.

1. Use Lead Magnets

Using the lead magnet is one of the best ways to enhance the email subscription rate. With lead magnet, you offer something very valuable to your visitors in return for their email address.

The lead magnet should be created in such a way that it should be focused on solving the problems of the reader or visitor because of which they will be more willing to leave their email address in exchange. example of the lead magnet can be

  • email course
  • bonus features
  • free trial
  • calendar or planner

2. Run Giveaways

rafflepress giveaways

Running giveaways is one of the most common and most proven ways to get more email subscribers.

When you are running a giveaway, make sure that you make users sign up the email form in order to make them enter into the contest. This way people will subscribe to a chance to win your contest.

RafflePress, RaffleCopter, KingSumo, SimpleGiveaway are some good plugins that you can use for your giveaway contest.

3. Add a Pop-Up

pop up tool

According to research by Sumo, the average conversion rate with the pop up was found to be  3.09%, and this is overall a very good rate of conversion.

pop up can create a distraction if they are displayed randomly. Therefore you need to follow certain basics while creating pop-ups. You can apply a very good pop up setup using Sumo, which is one of the best email capture tool.

4. Use Responsive Theme

Today more than 80% of the visitors come from mobile devices.

If your theme is not responsive it is not going to look great on a mobile device and visitors are not likely to convert easily.

Make sure you pick up a responsive WordPress theme so that you can create an equally good experience on all kinds of devices.

5. Give Freebies

everybody loves free stuff. And when the freebies are something that creates more value to the visitors, they are obviously going to leave their information in return to freebies. This can be in the form of pdf guides, ebooks or some courses.

6. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting on other related blogs can be a means to get more subscribers.

Try to find bloggers who are creating the same value as you do.  Reach them and offer a collaborative exchange of values. They might be interested if you could convince them in a good way.

You may offer them to publish a blog post on your website and in exchange ask a mention of your brand on their blog. This way both will create a win-win scenario.

Not only with the blog posts, if you are doing good with social media, but you can also exchange a blog post with a shout on your social media. The thing is about sharing value for mutual benefit.

7. Make Easy Subscription

Try to simplify your subscription process as much as possible. The user does not like a complicated process.

Some of the subscription processes contain too many distractions that users finally leave out without subscribing. You should eliminate all the distractions that might prevent user subscriptions in an easy way.

8. Use Social Proof

You can use the power of your social proof to create get more subscribers.

one super good example is by displaying your total number of your current subscribers like Harsh Agrawal did in his blog shoutmeloud.

below is a good example of this technique. This will motivate the user and make them sure that the quality of your content is good enough and already a lot of people are following you.

Trustpulse is a great tool that helps you get more subscribers using social proof.

10. Use Powerful Words

Using strong and powerful words can make a difference.

By pulling the right strings, people are more likely to open, read and click-through. See how this form includes words with a powerful emotional trigger.

People are likely to get touched by and learn more about something if they have some emotion associated with it.

11. Link from social media

Most of the people link back to the homepage of their website from the bio link in their social profile.

You can maximize the chance of getting more subscribers if you create a subscription landing page and then link your bio to this landing page.

12. Use Minimum Form Field

It is a proven fact that the more form fields you have on your form, the less likely it is to get submitted.

Removing unwanted and extra fields will certainly drive more signups!. Asking only for Name and email address is the best option here.

13. Create a Quiz

You can create some relevant quizzes and then later send the answers via email if they sign up.

There are different quiz plugins available in WordPress. You can find some of them here

14. Signup Button On a Facebook Page

This is a good idea to create more sign-ups straight from your Facebook page.

Growing email list is one of the hardest parts of creating a successful blog or website. Even though there are many ways to increase your email subscribers, you need to figure out which one works better for you. A process that totally works for some others may not at all work for you.  Therefore it is always better to split test different ideas and make sure to implement the best one.

I would advise you to use this Free google product to run a split test. You can also integrate this tool with Google Analytics

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