Specifically designed just for game website enthusiasts, we have GameCenter. A gaming theme made for WordPress that comes free of charge. The theme’s default look is a black and blue blend. It’s a design that gamers are all too familiar and comfortable with already. It also comes loaded with numerous post formats, custom sidebars, page layouts, and a social bar with full functionality.

Create your own website with this free WordPress gaming theme, where you can sell applications, games, add-ons, and gaming plugins. GameCenter includes full support for WooCommerce and Ecwid, perfect if you want to use the theme for magazines and blogs. It is fully optimized for SEO, has a sharp slider, and available in multiple languages.

GameCenter is entirely responsive and compatible with all devices. Among the vast amount of useful features we already mentioned, this theme also features anti spam measures other than a captcha, a multicolor post option, premade page layouts for different occasions, and a dynamic content loader.


Next up, we have another noteworthy free WordPress gaming theme that glows with professionalism. Powered by an SMT framework, Gamelab features an astonishing design loaded with translation features, multicolored posts, and parallax effects.

Advanced editing options are here to help you. Make educational blogs and spectacular reviews, utilizing all kinds of elements related to typography. Using the Gamelab theme makes it easier to sell games or gaming merchandise now more than ever.

Other notable features for this theme are a social bar that helps you make your gaming website a real spectacle, tons of configuration options, custom sidebars, menus, multiple theme options powered by SMT Framework 2.0, and anti-spam features. The theme is SEO-friendly and perfect for online stores thanks to the built-in Ecwid and WooCommerce support.

Gaming Mag

You probably like gaming, but if you’re into eSports as well, then consider using Gaming Mag, a WordPress gaming theme that is free and designed just for those two things in mind. Have your fully functional eSports or gaming blog with just the click of a few buttons.

The entirety of formats available from the Gaming Mag bundle is there to make your website more appealing. The templates are compatible with mobile phones as well! Let everyone access your site with ease, regardless of which smart device they’re using.

To access some of the bonus features, like extra customization options, additional header layouts, and custom widgets, you need to upgrade to pay and upgrade your rendition of Gaming Mag. In any case, the free version of this theme and its features are more than then enough for all your blogging needs related to eSports and gaming.

Inx Game

Do you own a gaming site with a casino theme? Inx Game is a free WordPress gaming theme that is the perfect fit for you. It is adored by gambling fans who enjoy the occasional blackjack, poker, lottery, or betting on sports.

The design has a good, responsive feeling to it, and it fits all screen sizes. A theme that is also very helpful in building a beneficial affiliate marketing blog, without any technical background to back you up.

Use any popular page builder, including Elementor, to build yourself a perfect format. It is fully optimizable for SEO, compatible with Gutenberg, and with every well-known WordPress plugin. Did I mention it was free to download?


If you want to take your gaming website or business to the next level, consider giving BombGame a try. Both contemporary and free, it is a WordPress gaming theme intended for both technology and gaming admirers. Engage your audience with quality content, easily displayable, and customizable with an impressive arrangement of functions and options. 

The theme’s design is very responsive and has WooCommerce and EcWid support. Also featured are custom widgets, multicolor posts, a dynamic content loader, a slider, and a built-in Google Maps shortcode.


Another one for the eSports fans out there. Looper is a very modern theme that can function admirably for any WordPress gaming website. The homepage has a large section reserved for featuring posts that can promote an essential part of your website’s content.

Below the big featured blog post, you can display additional smaller ones thanks to the well-known masonry grid. Try featuring an image from every post included in the grid layout. That way, you will significantly increase the likelihood of visitors stumbling across your content.

The Looper eSports and gaming theme’s default design is already impressive, but If you like messing around with the colors, you can edit them using the Customizer interface.

You can perform several other customizations through this same interface. Add widgets, arrange the menus, and personalize your logo; anything you desire is easily achievable with this theme!


MineFun is a free WordPress gaming theme that is, without a doubt, inspired by Microsoft’s hit game, Minecraft. 

The whole visual appeal is based on the same game, starting from the enormous pixel blocks, the pixelated low bit design, and the high-intensity colors. The background has an attractive green look that profoundly adds to your site’s visual aesthetics.

Let’s get technical. Featured on the website are loads of features for making the ideal gaming blog. This theme comes with social media bars, shortcodes, multicolored posts, and numerous blog formats. 

It is WooCommerce and Ecwid integrated and designed to be as SEO-friendly as possible. MineFun seems to have it all.

WP Mint Magazine

While its name might suggest otherwise, WP Mint Magazine is the ideal free WordPress gaming theme for any eSport or gaming website. No matter the length of your articles, publish them to your blog quickly and efficiently.

Whether you like multiple or single-author blogs, WP Mint Magazine does the job right. It has a plethora of options for strategizing your content around gaming and eSports.

Just unpack the demo content bundle, and start working with the theme as soon as you install it on a WordPress site of your choosing.

WPMint features various designs, including the frequently sought after grid layouts. Also included are custom widgets that help you efficiently add quality content on your sidebar and footer areas.


What initially started as a joke eventually turned out to be a free gaming theme for WordPress. I’m talking about Retro, of course! This theme plays on people’s nostalgia for the ’90s. Pixelated art and flash animation layouts are just some things that make it so reminiscent of those times. Neon colors are flying around everywhere! Retro is something else, that’s for sure.

If you are old enough to remember those times, you probably know of those 8-bit structures that every website had. If retro gaming is something you are fond of, don’t hesitate to give this theme a try. 

You can essentially build an arcade with its own retro theme right there on your website, or if you find that a bit extreme, then just create a blog for older game reviews or something of the sort.

As for the more technical side, this theme is entirely SEO optimized with a very responsive framework.  It also features Comic Sans fonts, midi music via the Customizer, content pagination, and other features centered around the blogging experience.

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