Which is the Best Email Marketing Plugin For WordPress? 

Without any doubt, email marketing has always been the backbone of the marketing process. With WordPress, it is even easier to get connected through email marketing. There are numerous plugins available in WordPress that will definitely ease your email distribution process.

Maybe you could be looking for the best email marketing plugin for WordPress to use in your upcoming email marketing campaign. Don’t stress! we are here to help you out. we have collected the top 10 very popular WordPress email marketing plugins with their details to help you figure out the best one. Let’s Jump in quickly………..

Mailchimp for email marketing

Mail chimp is the most popular email marketing tool available to date. It is absolutely ruling the email marketing world with its features and ease of use.

Click here to get access to this awesome plugin with more than 1+ million users.

This plugin allows you to completely integrate your WordPress site with your Mailchimp account.

You should be the user of the Mailchimp email marketing service in order to use this plugin. Mailchimp email marketing service offers a free plan that includes 2000 subscribers an 12000 emails per month

Key Features of Mailchimp plugin

  • Can be connected to your Mailchimp account in seconds
  • You can create a custom sign up forms and add them to your site
  • can be seamlessly integrated with many other plugins and form builders
  • with the premium version, you can send an automatic notification when the new user signup

OptinMonster for email marketing

OptinMonster is another good WordPress plugin that helps you grow your list with lots of pop-ups and static forms.

You want your website visitors to stay on your site longer and make them buy something, or at least you want to make them sign up for your email list. Right?

Then download this fantastic plugin now. OptinMonster for you

This plugin automatically sends out the pop-up based on when the user is getting ready to leave a page and makes them engage back in some way.

This plugin with over 1+ million users has an absurdly easy-to-use drag-and-drop popup builder, that helps you create beautiful popups that are highly convertible.

Key Features of Optinmonster plugin

  • high convertible responsive templates
  • drag and drop campaign builder
  • 6 different types of email opt-in and pop-up forms
  • custom analytics to analyze the campaign
  • powerful A/B testing
  • mobile-specific WordPress pop-ups
  • easy integration with over 30 different email marketing services

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Sumo for email marketing

With more than 1,00,000 installs sumo is one of the most powerful tools to grow your email list and increase conversions.

They offer time to pop up, welcome emails and automated drip campaigns. There is also a “share” button feature on the plugin which allows your website visitor to easily share your content on social media.

One of the very good features of sumo is that they offer a feature to win back the customer who abandoned their cart. This will help to increase the average order value.

With a very advanced drag-and-drop builder feature, this plugin has easy integration with the best email marketing service providers like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

Key features of the Sumo plugin

  • easy integration with most of the email marketing tools
  • e-commerce feature
  • share content and product
  • powerful and easy drop and drag features
  • easy to get started and free and dedicated customer support

Ninja forms for email marketing

With over one million installations Ninja form has become one of the very popular contact form creator tools for WordPress. Ninja has a lot of very good features, anti-spam options including google Recaptcha.

Ninja form comes in both freemium and premium versions. If your goal is just to add a contact form than the free version can do it well. Also with this plugin, you are able to test your user experience before you buy. The ninja form template also gives you a quick and easy way to add an event registration form to your WordPress website.

Key features of the Sumo plugin

  • no limitations in the number of forms, fields, action, or submissions
  • export and import forms and favorite fields
  • several anti-spam options including Google Recaptcha
  • Manage, Edit, and Export form user submissions from the convenience of the WordPress dashboard.
  • create an unlimited number of forms

Campaign Monitor for email marketing

Campaign Monitor is another email marketing tool with good analytics features. It comes with solid email templates, easy to use interface, and convenient autoresponders.

How much does the campaign monitor cost?  Well, it starts at $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers and 2,500 emails, and the price increases accordingly depending on the number of subscribers and emails.

campaign monitor not only offers a robust email builder but also delivers a set of analytics that provides a deep look over the overall performance.

The dashboard is very clean and signing up is very easy. designing of the template can be done with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Key features of the Campaign Monitor plugin

  • superb analytic features
  • robust email builder
  • dynamic content
  • template designer
  • roll your own design
  • mobile ready templates

Newsletter for email marketing

The newsletter is an email marketing plugin that let you build your list and send emails from the WordPress dashboard. This tool is perfect for list building and you can easily create, send and track emails.

The Price: There is a free version. The premium version pricing looks like this.

The newsletter plugin has easy-to-customize email templates and subscription widgets and also they have an extension to lock the premium content. The extension of the Newsletter is made to hide specific blog contents for users that are not subscribed (and, of course, unlock them for subscribed users).

This is a good plugin for blogs and small-sized websites.

Key features of the Newsletter

  • easy to drag and drop composer
  • unlimited subscriber
  • subscription spam control
  • WPML ready, Polylang ready
  • subscriber import from the file
  • newsletter with HTML and text message version

Mailster for email newsletter

Mailster is the ultimate WordPress plugin for sending newsletters. over 20,000 people are using this plugin to create, send and manage newsletter campaigns.

Mailster plugin comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that will let you create a beautiful email campaign without having to know any coding knowledge

Key features of the Mailster

  • track countries and cities
  • six types of autoresponder
  • forward via email
  • use dynamic and custom tags
  • unlimited subscription form 
  • background image support
  • import and export for subscriber
  • retina ready 
  • unlimited color variation
  • Share with social media service

Download Mailster

Mailpoet for email marketing

Mailpoet is used by more than 300,000 businesses to send their email campaign and autoresponders. You can create, schedule and send emails using mail poet from the WordPress dashboard. 

Key features of the Mailpoet

  • easily design templates with drag and drop option
  • create and send an email campaign and email newsletter.
  • WordPress email automation 
  • send an eCommerce email by connecting your woo-commerce store

How much does a mail poet cost? 

Mail poet is FREE to use up to 1000 subscribers but with subscribers of more than 1000 you need to go with the premium plans that start at 12€/month.

Hustle for email marketing

With more than 80000 active installs hustle is one of the popular WordPress email marketing plugin. This plugin is simple enough to get you started with an eye-catching pop-up, opt-in or slide-in for your website.  It also tracks and measures the visitors. 

Hustle includes top social icons that help you easily build your following on your favorite social networks. 

Key features of the hustle

  • Pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, embeds, and post-opt-ins
  • Super powerful conditions for targeting your audience
  • See submissions straight through WordPress
  • 4 default layouts
  • Easy management dashboard
  • New features, layouts, and sass coming every month

AutomateWoo for email marketing

Automatewoo is powerful marketing automation for your eCommerce store. It helps you convert and retain customers with automated marketing.

The price of this tool is $99 per year for a single site subscription and it includes all the updates and supports. This is a great WordPress email marketing plugin, especially for marketers who love email automation and experimentation.

Key features of the AutomateWoo

  • follow up email
  • win back inactive customers
  • SMS notification 
  • wishlist marketing
  • birthday email
  • personalized coupons 

Get AutomateWoo

These are our hand-picked best email marketing plugins for WordPress. Hope you enjoyed our picks. If you do have some suggestions or any good or bad experience with anyone the email marketing plugins please write on comment below and let us know more about them.  Cheers! HAPPY MARKETING!!!!!!

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