Everyone wants to keep their site secured from unauthorized access, isn’t it? To do this you need to follow some WordPress security tricks. If your site contains even any simple loopholes, hackers can easily hack it. So be serious while selecting or integrating any security measures. Nowadays might be hearing about the website hacking, so why it is happening?

Well, this is all due to poor security integration. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss 15 best tricks that will help you to protect your WordPress website from being hacked.

Day by day, hackers and scammers are increasing which has increased the rate of hacking. Hackers make an unauthorized access and stole your data from database. Hackers­­­­ are trying to make a few bucks from your misery. Sometimes, hackers just hack your site to take revenge. Losing a blog or website content can destroy a business, reputation, or just an online presence. So you need to very careful about your site’s security.

We have included 15 best security tricks that will help you out through these messy situations.  With these tricks, you will get a secured website and can keep your online presence powerful. So go through this article and try to keep these all on your site. let get started:

15 Simple WordPress Security Tricks

1. Back-Up Your Blog

Whether it’s about a website or other database, backup is the most important. Before making any updates to your website, you need to keep backups your blog and database. With a lack of backups, you might lose your blogs, images, and other necessary elements. And in the end, you have to face huge issues and in the worst case, your site may collapse. Since a site contains several important data like user databases, their reviews, and comments which are the base of your website. If you lose that, your site will remain with nothing.  There are several backup plugins like Backup Buddy which you can use for your site’s backups.

Another important purpose of backup is to keep your database secured from the hacker. If by chance hackers get access to your site and stole your data, how will you manage all? Yes, exactly in such a situation, you can use your backups to get your data back and move a step forward.

2. Use Strong Passwords

Another important factor is the password. Always try to keep strong passwords for your website. Make a combination of alphabets, letters, and symbols, it will keep your site away from vulnerable and brute force attacks. While drafting a password, never use passwords such as your birth date or hobbies of yours.

Another important WordPress security tricks is to keep two-factor authentication. Suppose if someone makes unauthorized access by guessing your password. Then due to the authentication factor, the admin will get a message for the password. This will alert them about login access

3. Install a WordPress security plugin

To keep your WordPress website secured you need to install some security plugin. It will add functionalities that will keep your site away from unauthorized access. Several WordPress security plugins can help you through security issues. Among those here I have listed some of the best security plugins:

These plugins come with several bells and whistles to cover most of your security needs. With these plugins, you are getting the following features that are responsible for your site security.

  • WordPress firewall
  • IP and user blacklisting
  • Malware scanning
  • Strong password generator
  • Two-factor authentication
  • File change logs
  • Force passwords to expire
  • Monitoring for suspicious activity

4. Choose the best Hosting service

web hosting

Here it comes next WordPress security tricks, the web hosting providers. Always choose the hosting which is reliable, high-quality, and provides safe services. Everyone thinks they have the best hosting provider before they caught something wrong. So be choosy while selecting your web hosting. For this, you can make a survey or go for research so that you get the best result.

While selecting the hosting, look for its security, reliability, speed, and others. Because sometimes, your hosting is not taking your security system seriously which results in unauthorized access. And due to this, you have to face hacker attacks, frequent downtime, and low performance. So be serious while choosing your hosting providers. Here are some of the best and powerful hosting services:

5. Scan your website for malware

malware protection

A sudden drop in traffic, strange performance issues, or some suspicious behavior requires an overall checkup for malware. It is good if none of these happens to your site but still, you need to scan your website for malware. Sometimes everything looks cool but you cannot imagine what is the happing backend. So to keep your site secured malware scan is very necessary.  

But it is not possible every day, so you can add some malware security plugin like Sucuri SiteCheck. Such plugin runs scheduled malware scans in the background and routinely monitor for signs of any security breaches. There are also several premium malware security plugins available at Themeforest and Template Monster. You can implement it for more secure services

6. Protect your database

All the data of your site is stored in your website database. When it comes to security, the database should be your priority. Without this, your site is nothing as it keeps all the valuable sources of information ever happened within your website. Hackers always try to get access to your database information through SQL injection to hack your information.

Several users run multiple WordPress installations on the same database. And here the hacker gets the chance to hack your database. So the very first thing to protect your database is never to make multiple installations on the same database

7. Hide your WordPress version

Likewise, hiding the version of WordPress keeps your site more secure. It is a simple and effective way to add more security to your WordPress site. Hackers are always in search of the loopholes and knowing your WordPress version gives them a chance to hack your site.

So to keep your site secured from such a situation, you can simply remove the generator meta which shows the version of your current website.

8. Disable PHP execution

If somehow hackers get into you’re your website, they will for sure try to execute PHP within the directory. So don’t forget to disable your PHP execution otherwise hackers may take control over your website.

So to make changes, go through your .htaccess files. Just below your .htaccess to WordPress root directory, you need to add the following code.

    Order Allow, Deny
    Deny from all

9. Update your WP, themes, and plugins

If you have noticed, you are getting updates on your computer, smartphone, and apps from time to time. So why is it happening? Such updates come with enhancements, new features, bug fixes, but most importantly security patches. With passing time, your system requires more security services. Hence the same things happen with your WordPress.

You need to keep your site updated to keep it secured and to get great functionalities.  So to enhance the look and feel, improve stability and functionality, and patch up security vulnerabilities of your site, keep your theme and plugins updated.

10. Enable WordPress firewall

Moving to the next WordPress security tricks and it’s about WordPress firewall. WordPress Firewall will protect your site from malicious attacks before they even reach your site. With this, you can prevent your site from hacking, brute force, and DDoS attacks. There are plenty of WordPress firewall plugins available in the market, some of them are:

These plugins add a powerful security wall to your WordPress site. so integrate any of these plugins to your site and keep it secured.

11. Hide your WordPress login URL

When it’s come to a security system you cannot forget about WordPress login URL. If you are hiding your WordPress login URL, you can simply protect your site from brute force attacks. The hackers who make Brute Force attack uses bots. They make a simple setup and configuration and finally hack your site. but if you are hiding your URL, they will net no any access to your configuration which means no any hacking will be possible.

When you customize your website, you will get a default login URL like domain.com/wp-admin. And to prevent your site from hackers, by simply changing the URL. For this change, you can simply implement some free plugin like WPS Hide Login or any others. To configure such a plugin to your WordPress dashboard and keep it secured.

12. Limit login attempts

wordpress security tricks

Another WordPress security tricks in our list is setting limits for login attempts.  This will protect your site from brute force attackers. By default, WordPress allows you to make unlimited logins. But if you keep as it is, your site may vulnerable to brute force attacks. Your site will be easily targeted by the hackers as with unlimited login attempts they can easily guess your password combinations.

So you need to set limits for your login attempts. It will put a safeguard and alert you after any incorrect credentials. This is the same as any bank’s credit or debit cards. Whenever anyone put an incorrect pin, you will get some types of alert message or your card may be blocked. You can simply set the max number of allowed failed login attempts before a username or IP is locked out. This will disable the attackers from making login attempts and alert you about unauthorized access. And after getting locked, hackers are banned from even viewing your website

13. Protect your login and admin pages with Password

If you don’t want to take any extra headache about your site security, then it will be better to keep your long and admin pages password protected. By doing this, you are adding a layer of security that would keep your admin page safe with a password.

For this protection, you have to add another set of username and password before they can even access the login page. This will restrict the login access and make sure your site is protected from bots and some DDoS attacks. As it is server-level protection, you need to create a .htpasswds file and edit your .htaccess.  This process may annoy you but if you need your site’s protection, do it at your discretion.

14. Automatically log out inactive users

There are many inactive users available at your site who are still logged in to your WordPress back-end. The worst part about this is, it can pose a security risk. Yes, you heard right, many hackers are searching for this only. Hackers can easily hack the sessions of inactive users, modify credentials, and make changes to critical files.

To keep your site secure from unauthorized access, you need to logout those users. For this, enable automatic logout with a plugin like Inactive Logout. You just need to configure your timeout settings, redirects, and add a logout message.

15. Encrypt your connection with an SSL certificate

Last but not least, SSL encryption is the most essential factor for your site security.  This will secure the connection between your site and visitors’ browsers. With this, all of your site data goes through an encryption process and makes it private for you. Now no one can steal your data and information like passwords and credit card details.

If you are using an SSL certificate, your site will use HTTPS and provides you familiar padlock icon. This means your site is using a secure connection and secured data.

If you have an HTTPS and SSL, you will get several benefits like:

  • Provides protection to your site as well as users
  • You will get better security from Google
  • Your credibility will be increased
  • You will never get any warnings from chrome


Finally, we deal with all our listed tricks to get a secured WordPress website. With this article, you will get enough ideas for preventing your site from unauthorized access. Now, you all know website security does matter for a powerful and secured website. You have to must ensure that you are in safe hands to keep your site healthy. But your site is not limited to these listed security tricks, there are many more. You can prefer many other security tricks to keep your site secured.

Hopefully, you get these WordPress security tricks helpful to you. If you are looking for more interesting and useful articles, stay tuned and keep following our website.  

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