In the online market you will find so many WooCommerce themes, but do you know which one is more suitable for your business needs? Before choosing any WooCommerce theme for your business make sure that you have all checklist the features that you expect in your perfect WooCommerce theme. In this post, we will discuss more the WooCommerce theme requirement for upcoming projects.

Why should you choose multi-niche?

Multi-purpose WooCommerce theme means which will help you to create any sort of blog, eCommerce store, portfolio, websites, etc. But multi-purpose themes are not provided with some advanced functions because they can not handle such advanced functions while implementation the project.

If you are searching for a WooCommerce themes for women, fashion, or any other particular niche, you will face so many problems with a multi-purpose WC theme.

So what are the major differences between multi-purpose and multi-niche WooCommerce theme, and why we are recommending you to prefer multi niche theme rather than choosing multi-purpose?

Multi-purpose vs multi-niche WooCommerce themes

The themes which come with different layouts and features for several purposes can be defined as multi-purpose WC themes. The major issue with the multi-purpose WC theme is that it can not satisfy all your advanced needs which are required for any eCommerce purpose.

For example, you will be able to build a WooCommerce fashion shop, but you can not customize it to look like a real one with a usable homepage, sale-off page, etc. In short, you can say that multi-purpose themes will restrict you while customizing which will urge you to spend more money and time on customization.

People should definitely choose a multi-niche website if they are looking for a specific eCommerce purpose as it will help them in saving time as compared to the multi-purpose niche. Some benefits are given that why you should choose multi niche theme

  • More enhance features
  • For shop owner or a non-technical person, such themes meant to be more friendly
  • More options are provided to set up shops in various niches.
  • Layouts are usually more helpful for specific niche level.

In total, you can say that choosing multi-niche WC themes will be the best option for people working in shop owners for creating eCommerce business, and eCommerce store design/development

While selecting of multi-niche WP themes what are the factors that you should consider?

There are some things that you need to consider and check before choosing any template

  • Extra money saving
  • eCommerce features
  • Multi niches
  • Support quality
  • Customizations
  • Supportive with WooCommerce plugins
  1. Extra money saving

It would be great if you choose a template that saves your money. A great deal would be that the theme is included with layered PSD files or popular plugins integration.

  • eCommerce features

While choosing a theme make sure you have checked all eCommerce features are included in the theme. Features can be basic or advanced depending on your business niches. Most of the features provided should focus on eCommerce functions.

Some top features that you should check are

  • Promo popups
  • Product custom attributes
  • WooCommerce product filter
  • Product navigation menu
  • Live WooCommerce product search

The most important feature that multi niche WC themes should be provided is product custom attribute

  • Multi niches

While selecting a multi-niche theme for WooCommerce make sure that your selected niches are available in theme packages. You should also check other niches as well if you belong to an agency just to ensure that niches will be useful for your future clients.

You must visit the Sparkle Themes or SKT Themes to find out the theme as per your business niche. They have plenty of WooCommerce themes that will suitable for every single business niche. You will find lots of demo for sports, bakery, fashion, newspaper, corporate business, etc.

  • Support quality

Support is the most important thing that every beginner and experienced developer should prefer. Never look for a template that has poor support quality. The theme provides who are serious about their product development will always provide the best customer support. So while choosing template check if they provide support or not.

  • Customizations

Other than the features mentioned above you should also check for customization options. Some themes provide very few customization options which is not sufficient for creating an eCommerce website for various purposes. Whereas some other theme providers only give custom CSS code option which is difficult for a newbie to work on it as it required technical knowledge.

  • Supportive with WooCommerce plugins

You can say that any WooCommerce theme is most flexible if and only if it is suitable with WordPress free and premium plugins. So while choosing a theme for WC make sure it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and other popular plugins such as

  • WooCommerce Cart redundant plugin.
  • WPBakery
  • Elementor
  • Contact form
  • WooCommerce order tracking
  • WPML
  • Call to action button
  • And more


If you are looking for WooCommerce themes with all the benefits provided above then you should check themes available at Sparkle Themes. Why we are recommending Sparkle Themes are given below

  • Mobile ready layout
  • Demo content
  • Theme available for every niche
  • Live customizer option
  • Supportive with most well known WordPress and WooCommerce plugin
  • Valuable support
  • Comprehensive documentation and more
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