WooCommerce is an SEO-friendly platform. However, it doesn’t mean that if you use WooCommerce, your website will be ranked high automatically. 

If you want to make your products visible online, you should put extra effort into SEO optimization. You need to master the art of SEO writing and learn other techniques to further improve WooCommerce product descriptions.

We’ve created a guide that will help you to get started. Keep on reading and learn new SEO tips you can use for your WooCommerce store.

Target audience

Before you start writing, you should define your target audience. You need to get a clear understanding of who will visit your website and read your product descriptions. 

Why it’s so important? It will allow you to understand what you should write in your product description and, most importantly, what keywords you should use.

Know your customers

You should analyze the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. You should define not only how old your customers are and what their income level is, but also what lifestyles they lead and what attitudes and beliefs they have.

Imagine that you sell jewelry for women. You may target two types of customers:

  • Target group #1

Women, 30+ years old, married, have kids; middle-income level. This group of customers buys jewelry to wear for special occasions like birthday parties and weddings. They search for earrings and necklaces that will match any outfit.

  • Target group #2

Men, 30+ years old, not married; high income level. This group of customers buys jewelry as gifts for girlfriends to make an impression. 

This group of customers looks for sophisticated jewelry that stands out.

If you want to sell earrings to these two target groups, you should adjust the descriptions of your product accordingly. Here is an example of a product description you can use to grab the attention of the first group, the women.

Screenshot source: https://www.nykaafashion.com/priyaasi-rose-gold-plated-ad-studded-dual-toned-earrings/p/359834

If you create a product description for the second target group, you should use words like “breathtaking” and “glittering”. That’s exactly what wealthy men are looking for when shopping for fancy gifts.

Screenshot source: https://www.angara.com/p/ruby-and-diamond-halo-teardrop-earrings-se1764rd

The better you understand your target audience and its buying intent, the more compelling the product description you will create. Therefore, we highly suggest you focus on target audience research before moving to the next steps.

Keywords usage

The proper use of keywords is crucial for SEO success. For this very reason, you should research keywords thoroughly before jumping to product description writing. You should analyze the search queries of your target audience and choose the keywords that will more likely bring you more traffic and sales.

Let’s get back to our example where you sell earrings. You need to find keywords for this product.

Screenshot source: https://www.angara.com/p/classic-ruby-six-petal-flower-earrings-se1085rd

What focus keywords will you use? Will you opt for a very specific, long-tail keyword “ruby flower stud earrings”, or will you choose the less specific keyword “buy ruby earrings”? 

Use keyword research tools

To make the right choice, you need to analyze these keywords using Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or similar tools. You should find out which of these keywords are associated with the lowest competition level and the highest traffic.

According to information provided by Ubersuggest, the keyword “buy ruby earrings” has a high SEO difficulty level. So you should opt for another keyword, for instance, “buy ruby stud earrings”. This keyword will bring you less traffic, yet the traffic itself will be of higher quality.

Screenshot source: https://app.neilpatel.com/en/ubersuggest/

Using keyword research tools, you can also find relevant secondary keywords. Here is an example of such keywords:

  • Ruby earrings
  • Flower earrings 
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Stud earrings 14k gold
  • Buy ruby earrings online
  • Best ruby earrings to buy

Choose target-audience-specific keywords

Naturally, you need to choose the keywords with your target audience in mind. For example, if your buyers are the men who shop for gifts, you should be aware that they will not use search queries like “ruby flower stud earrings”. Instead, they will Google phrases like “best earring gift” or “fancy earrings”.

Think wider 

Note that different people name the same product differently. For instance, people who consider buying ruby earrings may use the word “red gems” instead of “ruby”. 

Try to think like a customer. How would you name your product? What features of the product would be the most important for you? Research the keywords that come to your mind and add them to your keyword list.

Incorporate keywords naturally

Search engines do not tolerate keyword stuffing. So don’t include keywords in each and every sentence. To get the best results, you maintain the natural keyword distribution. Use keywords only in those sentences where it makes sense. 

Quality of product copy

You have already analyzed your target audience and researched keywords. What’s the next step?

Now you can start writing your WooCommerce product description. 

Make it useful and relevant 

WooCommerce product description should include information about the key features and benefits of the product. Also, it should describe how it feels like to hold/use/wear your product. Since shoppers see your products only in pictures, you should help them to imagine how your products look in real life.

Tap into customers’ feelings

What will people get if they buy your product? They will get something more than just a physical item, don’t they? 

You should understand one important thing. People are not really interested in your products. They are interested in the feelings they can get from buying and using your product.

For instance, if you sell dresses, you should understand that women don’t buy your products just because they need something to wear. They buy your dresses because they want to feel beautiful and stylish.

If you sell home décor items, you should be aware that most of your customers buy blankets and candles not for a practical purpose. They purchase these items to make their home feel cozy.

When you write a description, think of the things your customers really want to get and try to find the right words that will resonate with them. Here is an example of a well-written WooCommerce description. The seller of the blanket states that his product can help customers “transform their

sleep space to a relaxing oasis”. That’s a great phrase that grabs the target audience’s attention.

Screenshot source: https://www.decorist.com/finds/237659/ugg-charger-plaid-wool-throw-blanket-in-sesame/

Provide explanation

When you make a statement that your product is comfortable, compact, easy-to-use, etc., make sure to provide some proves or explanation.

Take a look at the following product description. It not only states that earrings are “comfortable”, but also explains why it’s comfy to wear them while sleeping.

Screenshot source: https://comfyearrings.com/shop/modern-amethyst/

Keep it short

Modern people are busy people. On top of that, they have a short attention span. Thus, you can’t expect them to enjoy reading long WooCommerce product descriptions.

If you want to grab and retain the attention of modern customers, you should keep your product descriptions short and concise. You should provide shoppers with the information that influence their buying decision and don’t overload your product description with unessential details.

Well, there is no such a thing as a “perfect length of WooCommerce product description”. It all depends on the product you sell. If your product has lots of features and benefits, for instance, kitchen appliances, you will likely need to write a longer description. But if you sell lingerie and linens, your product description ought to be short.

Present the most important information upfront

The vast majority of website visitors read only the first sentence of the product description. So when you write a detailed description, make sure to put the most important information first. 

If you need help with polishing your WooCommerce product description, hire a writer. There are many writing experts out there who work on students’ requests “write my research paper for me” and company’s requests “edit my SEO copy for me”. Many of them offer affordable prices, so their assistance will not cost you an arm and a leg. 

Create unique product copies

Whether you offer 20 or 200 products, you should create unique copies for each of them. If you write one product description and try to rewrite it a couple of times, it will not work. 

Even though some of your products may have similar characteristics, they need to have different unique descriptions. That’s the only way to improve SEO ranking.

Write for people

Once more time we want to emphasize that if you want to make your product description SEO-friendly, you should make it “people-friendly” in the first place. 

What does it mean? It means you should make your texts engaging and interesting to read. You should create product descriptions for real people and then optimize them for search engines, not vice versa. 

If you write texts for the sake of SEO only, it will not work in your favor. You will not be able to attract real customers and make sales.

On-page SEO

Have you just finalized your WooCommerce product description? We have a few more tasks for you. Here are two important things you should do to boost your on-page SEO.

Optimize your product page titles

Every product page has its title tag. The title is the first thing that search engine crawlers read and the first thing that customers see when they discover your product page.

Screenshot source: Google search page

If you want to promote your products effectively, you should write product page titles with these SEO tips in mind:

  • Include SEO keyword
  • Use descriptive adjectives
  • Make each product title unique
  • Put your domain name at the end of the title
  • Keep your title under 50-60 characters
  • Consider adding call to action words like shop, buy, get a discount

Write meta description

Another important element of on-page SEO is a meta description. 

Web crawlers and users use the meta description to check whether your product page is relevant to the given search query. If you write a winning meta description, you will drive more traffic to your website, and consequently, more prospective customers will read your product description.

Screenshot source: Google search page

Here are a few tips that will help you create an effective product meta description:

  • Make it informative and descriptive
  • Include SEO keywords
  • Keep it short – under 160 characters
  • Try not to use the stop words like ‘an’, ‘the’, ’and’ etc
  • Include the product name and key features and characteristics


If you want your eCommerce business to succeed, you should watch your competitors like a hawk. You should analyze their SEO strategies and learn from their best practices.

If you notice that one of the competitive websites has recently gotten to the top of the search results page, analyze the changes that have been incorporated. Check product descriptions, page titles, and meta descriptions for updates. 

If a new SEO strategy has worked for your rival, the chances are it will also work for you. For instance, if you find out that your competitors effectively use affiliate marketing, the same tactic will likely benefit your eCommerce store too.

SEO trends

SEO is not a constant thing. Search engines update their search algorithms on a regular basis, and it’s pretty difficult to keep up with all new trends. 

However, if you want to keep your WooCommerce store afloat, you should be aware of at least the most important updates. Subscribe to SEO blogs, follow SEO bloggers on social media, or find another way to join the SEO community.

Wrapping up

SEO writing is a true art, and it may take you some time to master it. If your current product descriptions do not work effectively for your WooCommerce store, don’t hesitate to rewrite them. The more you will practice in product description writing, the better the results you will eventually get.

Keep improving your writing skills and enhancing your product copies –  and you will achieve outstanding success. Use tips from this article to take your first step toward the improvements.

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