Email Schedule- Spakrle Email Shedular

Email Scheduler

Easily create a sales email and let the plugin accurately schedule this email to remind you of your schedule at the appropriate time.

Custom Email Templates

Sparkle Email Scheduler is extensively customizable. There are a lot of email templates to choose from. All templates have been carefully curated to suit the user’s needs and tastes. Choose the one that suits your marketing brand. The font, background color, text color, and so on can be modified to suit the user’s brand. And this modification can be recreated for future email campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email

Every eCommerce store has had troubles with cart abandonment on their site one too many times. An abandoned cart email can be referred to as the follow-up email that the shoppers provide on the site before abandoning the cart content without purchasing. Sparkle Email Scheduler makes it more easier and convenient for users to send out a follow-up email to a shopper that abandons the cart content. Convenience is the key!

Order Status Email

With Sparkle Email Scheduler, you can easily confirm the order status of your customers, email them about their order status, and alongside, send out promotional offers that can benefit you.

Sparkle Email Scheduler is a Free WordPress Plugin created to conveniently allow users to send out custom email templates to their site’s visitors. This can be automatically sent out based on the customer’s order status or based on an abandoned art email. Regardless, the email template is sure to carry out the message with your logo appropriately.

The plugin even integrates WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download which permits you to customize the default email template to suit your preference. No coding skill or experience is required to customize the content of the email.

Sparkle Email Scheduler plugin lets you easily customize the default transactional WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download email templates and scheduled theme your time event. Edit the design using the native WordPress editor for instant visual edits. Customize the text (including body text) or each email template without editing code.

Sparkle Email Scheduler is a Free WordPress plugin to allow you to send custom emails to your potential customers, not only normal you can set up based on their order status,  to receive an email with our own brand by order status or abandoned cart email.  Easily schedule an email to your potential customers based on order status.


Email Template

The plugin uses HTML templates and connects them to the email sent from WordPress. An HTML template is a content fragment employed for later use, but can also be done immediately with JavaScript. The integration of the HTML templates with other emails sent from WordPress optimizes the templates to be shown in the popular email browsers.

  • Apple iOS Devices
  • MS Outlook
  • Hotmail
  • Apple Mail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Google Gmail
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Live Desktop
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Template Edit Options

These are the features made available for users when editing the email templates;

  • You can create a personalized HTML template.
  • You can change the width of the template up to 600 pixels.
  • Customizable Template Background
  • Upload and Position Header Images for Templates
  • Customizable Header image for the email template
  • Use WordPress Editor Customizable the Footer Content
  • Integrate the “add links” tab to enhance user’s marketing tactics
  • Get more with the Pro Version

Features of Sparkle Email Scheduler

  • Preview Templates Before Sending To Recipients
  • Extensively Customizable To Suit User’s Brand Theme
  • Customize The Heading, Subtitle, And Body Text
  • Send Test Emails Before Real Email Testing.
  • Import And Export Settings
  • Email Designer
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Email Scheduler
  • Manage Abandoned Cart Emails Properly
  • Order Complete Email Section
  • Order Refund Email Section
  • Order Cancel Email Section

Email Options

Sending out emails with the plugin is quite straightforward. However, the major issues most users face are;

  • Smooth email delivery may be restricted by email spammers who make the delivery complicated to achieve.
  • Employing the use of local web hosts with a poor delivery rate may restrict the email delivery to the recipient.
  • WordPress, by default, uses local web host mail servers to send out all emails related to all WordPress and plugin-generated emails.

The above issues can be avoided by configuring the email delivery provider which would subsequently improve the email delivery rates.

Email Schedules

The email settings schedule can be set to;

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Thirty Minutes Interval
  • Six Hours Interval
  • Twelve Hours Interval
  • Two Days Interval
  • Three Days Interval