Version 1.2.0
12th December 2019

  • Make theme fully compatible with RTL(Right to left) languages compatible.
  • Make theme fully translation ready with compatible polylang & WPML plugins.
  • Add click event section to scroll related section in customizer HomePage Block Section.
  • Make theme fully compatible with latest version FontAwesome icon.
  • Fixed Schema Structure error on the breadcrumb.
  • Fixed major responsive and normal design issue.
  • .Pot file updates with recent change.
  • Add documentation link in customizer.
  • Fixed dynamic design issue.
  • Recommended plugin added (Polylang, Elementor, Loco Translate).
  • Check blank condition for course price read circle issue.
  • Make theme compatible with must popular element or page builder plugins.
  • Add new blog template for list all posts.
  • Add new blank page template “Blank Template (For Page Builders)”.

Version 1.1.2
18th June 2019

  • Fixed Counter and Courses Enable/Disable options issue.
  • Regenerate and Update .pot file.

Version 1.1.1
May 20th 2019

  • Fixed major design issue with a responsive design issue.
  • Add more advanced options in a course section.
  • Add new counter design layout.
  • Add new design layout in course and services section.
  • Add one click demo data import options.
  • Fixed header design settings.
  • Fixed slider background image issue.
  • Update .pot file.
  • Make theme compatible with must popular element or page builder plugins.

Version 1.0.7
August 30th 2018

  • Change screenshot.
  • Add move pro version tags in customizer.

Version 1.0.6
July 8th 2018

  • Add one click import demo data.

Version 1.0.5
July 04th 2018

  • Theme Released on